We love where we live! We want you to love it too. Whether you’re a long time resident or thinking of making a move to Bergen County, we’ve created a list of all our favorite perks of this amazing county. Take a look and see if you agree.

It’s a great place to raise a family. According to New Jersey Family, Bergen County was home to seven of the top 20 Best Towns for Families.

Top rated safety. If you’re thinking of raising a family here, you can be sure that it’s the safest county in the state. We don’t just love that fact for bragging rights, we’re also incredibly thankful for such a safe place to live.

The amazing schools. Bergen County is one of those rare areas with a mix of both incredible public schools and top notch private schools. Plus, long held high school rivalries give locals points of pride and someone to root for during football season.  

Wonderful transit access. You can get to New York, Philadelphia, and other locations easily with the quick access to interstates throughout Bergen County. Or, you can opt to use the readily available mass transit to travel quickly as well.

So close! Not only does the access to transit make it easy to travel into the city, it’s just not that far! If you work in New York or enjoy trips to the city for theater or dining, you’re never very far away.

It’s beautiful here. Are you someone who loves the gorgeous view of mountain foothills? Or are you someone who lives for a coastal view? Bergen County has both! We can’t get enough of how beautiful our county is.

It’s growing! We are so proud of the positive growth in the Bergen County economy. From job growth to an influx of younger buyers flocking to our area, we’re so excited to see how the county continues to grow and grow.

Great food. We love a good diner, and Bergen County has them in spades. You could spend a lifetime checking out all of the local diners and restaurants. Don’t worry, we’re happy to help you sample all the area has to offer. You know, for “research.”

Really really good shopping! Bergen County has a great selection of malls for you to choose from. It’s a shopper’s paradise!

Gorgeous green spaces. We love our local parks. There are close to 10,000 acres of incredible green spaces in Bergen County. Not only does our Parks Department have great places to play, but they even have a great zoo! How cool is that?

The people. We realize this is a sappy one to put on the list. But we can’t help it! If you’ve lived in Bergen County you understand. This county may be large (it’s the largest county in New Jersey, in case you didn’t know), but there are plenty of ways to keep a small town feel. We just love our neighbors, friends, and family all over the county.

If you live here, you understand. If you don’t live here yet, we’d love to show you around and tell you just how great our beloved Bergen County truly is. There’s really a lot to love!

If you're ready to call Bergen County home, The BCHome Team is here to help you with all of your real estate needs.