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10 Factors That Can Keep a Home from Selling

Sal Poliandro

I work hard to provide my clients with the most positive real estate experience possible...

I work hard to provide my clients with the most positive real estate experience possible...

Feb 8 5 minutes read

Nobody wants an unsuccessful sale of their home. We’ve all seen homes on the market that don’t sell. But how do you keep your home from becoming a failure? 

An experienced real estate team can lend their expertise to ensure your success. With over 12 years in business, the BC Home Team has the knowledge needed for your listing. 

Here are our experts’ 10 factors that can keep your home from selling. 

  1. Not using an experienced team- By hiring an inexperienced agent, or worse, forgoing an agent altogether, you forfeit valuable knowledge. Far too often, sales don’t work out because inexperience cripples an agent’s ability to help their clients. Sal Poliandro has been in business for 12 years and has had more than 200 transactions to date! His extensive knowledge of both real estate and Bergen County are indispensable in your home sale.
  1. Bad photography- Photos are usually the first piece of your home a buyer will see. They should never be an afterthought. Killer professional photos are your best bet to book a showing. If your photos are bad, buyers will pass on your home and never take a second look. 
  1. Inadequate preparation- There are probably beautiful and meaningful photographs, mementos, and art adorning your walls. Many sellers fail to recognize the importance of neutralizing their space before listing. Take the time to remove items that may distract buyers. If they’re too distracted by your personal items, they won’t be able to see themselves in your space and may move along.
  1. Bad pricing- Pricing is tricky. If a home is priced too high, buyers won’t be interested. You may think you can reduce the price later on, but it isn’t that easy. The clock is ticking and a home listed for too long won’t look attractive. An experienced agent can help you to place the perfect price on your listing the first time.
  1. Ignoring other homes- It’s important to take an unbiased look at homes for sale in your community. Look at them as a buyer instead of a seller.  You’ll be able to see how your property stacks up. This will ensure you’re able to price comparably and remedy what your home may be missing.  
  1. Forgetting the community- Is your home in an amazing school district? Do you have one of the city’s best restaurant scenes within walking distance? You probably take the nearby amenities for granted. Make sure your listing acknowledges all these features. Buyers don’t always know these facts and will be attracted to different homes if they appear to be in a better location. 
  1.  Restricting your home’s reach- Your home won’t sell if potential buyers don’t know about it. A home listed for sale by owner forfeits the vast network of real estate agents who are working to find a home for their clients. Homes are listed by agents on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), a database that will expose your listing to other real estate agents. By listing your house for sale by owner, you’ll miss out on tons of great exposure to hundreds of buyers.  
  1. Being unavailable- It’s important that your home is available for showings as often as possible. If you turn down a showing, a buyer is unlikely to remember your home in the future. Or, they will fall in love with another home without ever having a chance to view your home.  
  1. Neglecting housekeeping- It’s important to ensure your home is in pristine condition for showings. Dirty dishes or scattered messes will turn off most buyers. Do your best to have your home as immaculate as possible when buyers come for viewings.  
  1. Forgetting it’s 2018- Home sales aren’t as simple as a well-placed yard sign and a few fliers. It’s important to use as many of the technological advances as possible when listing your home. Social media and listing sites all work together to broaden the reach your home will have. Ensure you’re using technological advances to your benefit when selling your home.  
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