Welcome, spring, we’ve missed you!

We’ve put together a quick list of five simple tasks you can do to ensure your home is ready for the spring season. Check these things off your list and then get outside to enjoy the great weather spring will bring.

  • Evaluate your basement/crawl space- Take a look under the house. If you have a crawl space, this task is no fun, but unavoidable. Make sure you don’t have new pets (read: pests) that have moved into your space. It’s also important to check for moldy areas that can signal much larger problems. Look for leaks in pipes running under the house. Check the moisture barrier to ensure its intact. Depending on the severity of any issues, you can deal with many of these things yourself. If you need to remove animals or deal with mold, call the experts. If your home sits on a basement you will want to keep it dry during spring rainstorms.  Cleaning your rain gutters, and making sure your downspouts are working properly is a great place to start in achieving a dry basement.  Spring is also a great time to inspect and conduct maintenance on your sump pump in your basement.
  • Tune up your lawn equipment- You’ll be mowing that lush green grass before long! Make sure your mower is still in working order after being put away for the past few months. Change the oil and fill the gas tank to ensure it’s ready to go when the grass starts its spring growing.
  • Beautify your yard and garden- Remove anything from the yard that didn’t survive the winter. Re-mulch your flower beds to prevent the onslaught of spring weeds. Adding a few bright spring plants will do wonders for your home’s exterior and will put a spring in your step every time you walk out your front door.
  • Maintain your air conditioner unit- Make sure it’s in good working order before you turn it on in the warmer weather. Flush it if necessary. Change your air filters for the season to keep your AC happy and in good working order. Call in a professional for a yearly tune-up if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself. A little care can help your AC unit to last much longer than it would without proper care.
  • Take stock of your property- Walk around your lot and evaluate the exterior of your home. Did winter weather do any damage you’ll need to repair? Are the gutters brimming with leaves? Take stock of any holes or easily repaired areas. If there are areas that will require more work, schedule an appointment with a professional to repair them.

Spring doesn’t mean you’ll need to complete an incredibly long list of to-dos, but it does come with a couple maintenance tasks that you’ll want to do to ensure your home works well for you for years to come and is prepared for the changing season. By tackling these five simple tasks, your home will be ready to shine this spring.

Over the years we have developed trusted partnerships with many contractors and service providers in the area who will take excellent care of our clients, and we would be happy to pass on their information to you. If you need assistance in finding one, don't hesitate to contact us and we will gladly share our list.