We don’t mean to rush you through the fall season, but we all know that winter is on its way. Since the cold months require a bit of household prep, why not put the cold weather tasks on your radar before the weather makes it more difficult.

It’s a lot more bearable (and in many cases, safer) to handle these maintenance tasks during the fall months. Get a head start and save your time and money by tackling these tasks around the house.

  • Get your fireplace ready- Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure your fireplace is safe for those cozy winter fires. If you’ve burned 50 or more fires in the past year, you need to have a professional take a look at your chimney. Your fireplace will work better and your family will be safer.
  • Survey the roof- Summer storms and the year’s weather can wreak havoc on your roof. While the weather is still somewhat pleasant, take a look to make sure your roof is free from damage. Clear any stray limbs or piles of leaves that could cause big problems as the seasons change. Heavy debris can cause serious damage in snow and ice. And a compromised roof could easily sustain lots more damage in winter conditions.
  • Clear gutters are happy gutters- Clogs from leaves or debris can cause damage when the first big freeze hits. Check your gutters regularly depending on your level of tree cover. As the fall comes to a close, make sure to do one final sweep after the last of the leaves have dropped. Clogs from leaves will cause water to back up that could create costly problems in winter.
  • Get an airtight seal- Allowing cold air to seep into your home is a recipe for high utility bills and a chilly, drafty house. Seal any holes during the warmer months and ensure the warm air stays in and creepy crawlies stay out! You simply need a few inexpensive items, but the payoff is unbeatable.
  • Put away garden hoses- No, we aren’t worried about them cluttering up your lawn. A connected water hose can freeze and send the backed up frozen water into your indoor pipes. These can cause big problems that could have been easily avoided. If you have the ability to shut off outside water faucets, then do it during the fall months. Otherwise, ensuring your hoses are all disconnected is the best way to prevent a wintery visit from your plumber.
  • Check into winterizing tax credits- Not only will winterizing your home save you some money on future utility bills, it could also pay off on your taxes! There are lots of tax credits you could earn for making your home more energy efficient. Check into any that may apply to you. Be sure to keep the appropriate paperwork for tax filing. Small changes could pay off big time!

We hope these tips give you a jump on the tasks that are waiting just around the corner after the fall season.

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash